About Us

The journey of supplying fashionable handmade items began a few years ago when the founder started creating gift items from local fabrics for friends and family members especially on festive and other special occasions. Word got round, and people outside the founder's network started requesting and ordering items for various purposes; bow ties, neck ties, beaded bracelets were the most popular requests. The regular orders led to the idea of making such creative products available to the rest of the world, so as to thrill other audience.

Hero Bow Ties was launched in 2016 as an authentic, bespoke fashion brand specializing in bow ties and other accessories for the discerning. The brand also carries an assortment of accessories that tie together a unique story of African culture. As the African fashion industry continuous to make its global impact, our brand is part of a creative movement in telling the story of contemporary Africa: one where we usher in a modern lifestyle while upholding a tradition and culture at the core of our design principles. Hero Bow Ties is the flagship brand of Impressive Hero Enterprise.

We aim to offer our visitors a slice of well-crafted, handmade items from Ghana and beyond to add to their ever-evolving lifestyle.

Out team sources merchandise that meets high standards while bringing you a slice of African culture. We are an online store. Wearing our bow ties, for example, allows you to express yourself and your personal style with confidence. We are transforming fashion by creating all our pieces with an African Twist; wrapped in culture and identity and made for the self-assured person. Anyone who rocks any of our items is heroic in their own way.

An African Twist

logo of hero bow ties
logo of hero bow ties